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I am a trained Art Teacher with many years of teaching experience and I enjoy sharing my skills at drawing and painting workshops.


Saturday sketchers; we meet one Saturday a month,10.30 - 13.00 at Brunswick and Thorn, Thorn Road, Worthing. £20 to include a drink.  A friendly group, most with some drawing or painting experience.  I aim to regularly introduce participants to new techniques and materials, whilst also building upon their drawing skills.


Saturday December 7th - Ink drawing of a winter scene.  

We will explore how the way in which we apply the ink effects the quality of line and practice different mark-making techniques for adding texture. We will then make a detailed black and white ink drawing of a wintry scene.


These classes will continue in 2020. Please email me if you would like to book onto the December class or to go on my mailing list to be notified of future classes.














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Chalk drawing arches at St Pauls Drawing pen and ink lines Group work on large paper Sketching at shopping centre Materials swap